Muzo Columbia



Were you to travel about sixty miles north-west of Bogotá to a distant corner of the Boyacá Andes, you would find yourself in a region of frigid mountain cliffs that give way to semi-tropical jungle valleys below, where the world’s finest emeralds are found.

This exclusive Emeralds & Gold Collection for sale consists of loose emeralds (both cut and rough) and several exquisite items of emerald and gold jewelry. The spectacular emeralds in this collection were collected by the owner over a long career spent both in the United States and in the jungles of Colombia. He started out at the Chivor emerald mine then explored the Muzo region, including Banco Tequendama (a part of Muzo) and Yacopi first, and then afterwards got his exploration permits for the Gachalá - Somondoco region. The Muzo region is widely known for producing the world's finest emeralds.

The owner's knowledge of rare emeralds has placed him in demand as an author, lecturer and consultant. And while his family continues in their involvement with these gems, it is the owner's lifelong personal collection that is being sold. A special piece in this collection is the largest known rough Colombian emerald from Muzo in North America.

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